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The Maini Group is one of India’s premier design and manufacturing entities. Its domestic and global dominance in high-precision engineering components, materials handling, warehousing and logistics solutions, aerospace and electric vehicles are due to its creativity and initiative that, among other things, led it to being the first in India to design and manufacture eco-friendly electric vehicles.

While our manufacturing base is in India, our warehousing and marketing networks extend across more than 25 countries with well over 75% of our turnover exported to over 200 loyal international customers.

This Group is characterized by its commitment to complete customer care, sustained research, design and development, the achieving of global quality benchmarks and certifications.


The Group was founded in 1973 by Dr S.K. Maini, who began with a single company and devoted team of ten. Under his stewardship, this has grown to a multi-unit Group of six companies with over 1500 employees spread over 14 locations.

Dr S.K. Maini is a visionary with a deep faith in his country’s potential as a major industrial nation. He knew that with its people - the Indian work force – given their due, this country could hold its own in product and service with any other. He had a profound belief in the power of training, faith in ability, the need to learn from the best and then build something enduring and incomparable.

The decades since have shown how farsighted he truly is.